"Bold and Durable: Unveiling the Power of Plastisol Printing"

Step into the world of vibrant and long-lasting prints with plastisol printing services at A.K.A. SMART ENTERPRISE. Our expertise in plastisol printing ensures bold, eye-catching designs that maintain their vividness and quality, making a lasting impact on your apparel.

Advantages of Plastisol Printing

Rich and Vibrant Colors: Plastisol inks offer unparalleled vibrancy, resulting in bold and striking designs that stand out on any garment.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Known for their durability, plastisol prints retain their color and quality even after repeated washes, ensuring that your designs remain vivid and intact over time.

Versatility in Application: Plastisol inks work well on various fabric types, providing flexibility to create stunning designs on different apparel, from cotton to polyester blends.

Excellent Coverage and Detail: This printing method excels in providing excellent coverage and detail, allowing for intricate designs and sharp lines without compromising on quality.

Our Plastisol Printing Process

  1. Preparation of Design: Your design is prepared digitally and separated into individual colors for printing.

  2. Ink Preparation: Plastisol inks are precisely mixed to match the desired colors of your design.

  3. Screen Printing: Each color is applied using a separate screen, allowing for precise placement and layering of the inks onto the fabric.

  4. Curing Process: The printed garment is cured at high temperatures, ensuring that the plastisol ink bonds firmly with the fabric, resulting in a durable and vibrant print.

  5. Quality Check: Each printed piece undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure the colors, registration, and overall quality meet our high standards.

Why Choose Plastisol Printing with Us

  • Vivid and Durable Prints: Our plastisol printing delivers bold, long-lasting designs that maintain their vibrancy wash after wash.
  • Versatility and Precision: With our expertise, we ensure precise color matching and flawless printing for intricate designs.
  • Durability and Quality Assurance: Expect prints that withstand the test of time while retaining their quality and brilliance.

Experience the Brilliance of Plastisol Printing

Discover the brilliance of plastisol printing at A.K.A. SMART ENTERPRISE. Let us transform your apparel into stunning canvases that captivate attention with vibrant and durable designs.